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Crown Molding and Medallions

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Crown molding and medallions fitted on and around ceilings, add elegance to any room and are features that are considered upgrades in most homes. These features are not standard in every home. If you would like to have these upgrades made to your home then rely on Springfield Drywall Contractors to perform the work for you.

Crown molding is the perfect finish to any family room, games room or dining room. But why stop there? Your hallway and second floor rooms can also be enhanced with that additional touch of class. Depending on the height of your ceilings, we can advise the most suitable size of molding to install.

The same goes for medallions although, these are often reserved for dining rooms or wherever there are hanging ceiling lights.

When a home has crown molding or ceiling medallions, they tend to sell a little faster than those that do not have either of these features. They add interest and sophistication to any room. These small, yet intricate decorative features should be professionally applied to prevent potential damage to adjoining walls and ceilings, which is why you should call on us.

DIY or Professional Installation

When you want your crown molding to be perfectly applied then do yourself a favor by allowing a qualified drywall contractor to handle the job for you. There are plenty of DIY videos that will convince you that this is something that you can handle yourself. They make it look far easier than it is. Take it from us, we should know since this is something that we do every day. Don’t frustrate yourself by trying to apply your own crown molding, hire a professional service to perform the job for you.

Crown Molding and Medallion Painting

Crown molding is something that already stands out but if you would like to also have your crown molding or ceiling medallion painted then there is no one better suited for the job than we are at Springfield Drywall Contractors. We can paint the entire wall of just the features that you would like to have painted. If you don’t want white crown molding but prefer to have crown molding that is the same color as your room. We can offer you the quality of service that you want, need, and deserve. Choose our services when you want the job done right.

Affordable Crown Molding and Medallions

You won’t find any other drywall service that will offer you as much as we will at such affordable prices. Many will avoid having these special features installed because they fear that they lack the money to do so. We offer such affordable pricing that we are sure that it will meet with your approval and that you will hire us to perform the work for you. Even if you have a budget that you need to stay within then do yourself a favor by turning to us for the most affordable crown molding and medallion installation.

Why Hire Springfield Drywall Contractors

There are a lot of professional contractors in Springfield who you can rely on for your crown molding and medallion installation needs. When you want affordable and efficient services, rely on Springfield Drywall Contractors. We will always take our time to ensure that the job is done right. We always rely on the most experienced and qualified drywall contractors to help with your service needs. You are assured of receiving the best quality of services at the most affordable prices when relying on us to perform the job you want to be done.

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