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Stud Wall Framing

Stud Wall Framing

What is Stud Wall Framing?

Stud wall framing is literally the frame of the room or building that is being built. It is the framework of an interior layout, providing the right type of spacing for interior walls, and is the first thing that Springfield Drywall Contractors will do when refurbishing a property.

It is important for having a functional and appealing space. If you’re thinking of building out a room or adding rooms then you will require stud wall framing. We’ll allocate the ideal positioning for your new home addition and you can sit back and watch it all come to life. As the preferred drywall service in Springfield, you can be sure that we’ll effectively perform your framing.

Wall Framing

The framing allows us to layout where your walls and partitions will go. The partitions are created to define the room or space that is being built or determine where the windows or doors will go. Framing is done with metal studs that are put together to create a skeleton wall. We use 2 types of studs, one is the U stud and the other is the C stud. They received these names because of their shape. The U stud is placed on the floor and the C stud sits at the end of the U studs. This gives drywall centralized support that helps keep the wall straight.

Installing Metal Stud Frame

Installing metal stud frames occurs in several steps. The first thing that we do is measure the U studs according to the floor specs. If it is not properly measured then the stud location can ruin the whole floor layout and. Once the floor and roof U studs have been measured and put in place then the outermost exterior C stud is measured and fitted into the floor stud. When the framing studs are secured, we fill the frame with studs that help brace the wall.

Qualified Professional Drywall Contractors

When you want to be sure that you can receive the best quality of stud wall framing then rely on the preferred services of Springfield Drywall Contractors. We have assembled the most qualified professional drywall contractors to help with your service needs. You can get the most for your money when you know who you can rely on for your service needs. A qualified professional drywall contractor has the skills needed to effectively address your service needs.

Why hire Springfield Drywall Contractors

When you want to get the most for your money and make sure that your budget is well spent then make sure you rely on Springfield Drywall Contractors. We are the preferred and most widely used drywall contractors in Springfield for a reason. We deliver the quality of service that our customers are paying us for. You deserve to receive the best quality of services possible when you rely on us for your stud wall framing needs. We stand by the work that we do, which is why we offer you our service guarantee.

Drywall Installation

After the framing is complete, it's almost time to install the drywall. This is when it all starts to come together and make sense. Before the drywall goes up though, this is when any cabling is put into place. Cabling for TV, electricity, maybe computer cabling too. Carrying out this cabling step at this stage makes life so much easier not only for the electrician, but for the project as a whole. This is because things can move along more efficiently and quickly when there is the least amount of retrograde disruption, like cutting holes in the drywall after it has been installed.

Drywall Painting

Of course, the final touch, after all the cutting hammering and drilling is done, is the painting. When your vision truly comes to life. We can help you with that too. Our professional paint crew will be waiting in the wings. Just tell us the colors you want and the type of finish, then leave it to us.

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